SHLM Purposes and Mission

Our Mission – To provide equitable access to shared arts experiences and innovative workshops which encourage collaborations, partnerships, creative integration and artistic opportunities within the community.

The general purposes of the activities and events within the group are to…

  1. Prompt a creative process.
  2. Incite a diverse collaborative dialogue.
  3. Challenge new perspectives.
  4. Encourage and inspire ongoing artistic pursuits for both individual and collective growth.
  5. Promote shared arts experience via the internet and local community.
  6. Provide low-to-no-cost workshops, materials/supplies, studio space, project/gallery opportunities, general support and other resources to local artists and students who otherwise would not have these available to them.
  7. Increase collaboration between artists and local arts centers, studios, galleries, museums, and community-based organizations.
  8. Expand and enhance our capacity and service delivery to this and other populations, making a wide range of resources available online as well.

Starting out as a new organization, much of the collaborative activities will be based and built upon a variety of exercises or games; some are between partners of two or more, some are self-applied, and many have been designed to apply when done either alone or in groups. Workshops will primarily be held in the Cincinnati area and surrounding regions, with other resources and features available on the website such as live art streaming and live group audio/video discussions, e-workshops, etc.

Being a visual artist myself, these exercises might be most helpful when applied to other visual artists. But I do want everyone to understand that, when I developed them, I intended for them to apply to the whole spectrum of the art world. Perhaps one of the most important attributes of SHLM as a whole is the shared creative process between different styles and mediums. It should be a place where a diverse group can network and create partnerships amongst each other; this includes everything from musicians, performance artists, designers, writers and so much more.

Another aspect of this is that it appeals to creative people whether they are professional or not. You may not even consider yourself an artist. Chances are, if you participate and keep an open mind, you will discover that you’ve gained creativity, inspiration and motivation to experiment with other styles; outlets for expression. You may even discover that you’re not only an artist but have better defined yourself as a person, friend, partner; spirit that is free to spread soul healing love magic throughout your life. This is the dream that I envision and this is the only way I could think to describe it. Soul Healing Love Magic is the most accurately simple name that one can give it, and it can be truly felt only when sharing arts experiences through a freely expressive, collaborative outlet which welcomes all ongoing efforts for both individual and collective growth.

Currently, a few of my co-founders are the only other members that are regularly involved in building the organization. As artists, we’ve had an ongoing collaborative partnership for many years, and out of that experience Soul Healing Love Magic was born. Until we gain enough funding that would require us to officially file for tax exempt status, we are still treated as a private foundation and may receive tax exempt donations just the same in the meantime. As of yet we have not received any sort of funding so, for now, it’s just myself and a few other generous members that provide the necessary materials/supplies and time for our events/workshops. Any donations of money or art supplies go towards the funding and furtherance of the organization so that we may continue to provide free workshops and other artistic opportunities within the community.

Not Art Therapy: Any activities or information provided by the group is not a substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content provided by Shelby Quino, Teaching Artists, and the Soul Healing Love Magic Art Collaborative in general is intended for general information purposes only. Never disregard professional medical or psychological advice or delay seeking treatment because of something you find here. The art information and tutorials found here may be relaxing or healing, as many art activities can be, but they are not art therapy.

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