DIY Eraser Stamps with Uncle Chuck

In recognition of this months theme #KillYourEraser
Here is a great alternative use for them!

Orange Barrel Industries

DIY Eraser Stamps With Uncle Chuck

While studying with the Amazing Hancock Brothers 2nd week of Frogman’s, Uncle Chuck taught us his famous rubber stamp technique. I will now share it with you guys so you can make your own fun rubber stamp collection!

DIY Rubber Stamp

All you need to make these stamps at home is a pink eraser, a set of linoleum carving tools, a drawing utensil such as a sharpie marker or ball point pen and an ink pad. The linoleum tools can be purchased at your local art store, or online, such as this Speedball set available from for about $8.00.

DIY Rubber Stamp

Draw your image onto the eraser with ink pen or sharpie. Blake and I drew the orange bread tag above. On the other side, I drew a leg bone. You can use all sides of the stamp to carve, even the edges! So feel free to draw images all over it.

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