How Guidelines & Correctness Hinder the Creative Process


  • Finding inspiration and happiness within isn’t something with correct answers, set rules or reproducible steps.
  • There is no cookie cutter concept or approach. Come as you are, without expectations or assumptions, and allow yourself to be curious, silly, vulnerable.
  • The purpose is not the physical result, the process is the purpose. Where the purpose is art, the process is purpose. Process must allow for play and experimentation.
  • As a collaborator and artist, my presence serves as a constant actuation for spontaneous thought, inciting and challenging new perspectives, and creative companionship. This whimsy craze of ‘airy derring-do’ allows for individual discovery, insight into what works for them and better ability to expand upon their artistic process in their own time.
  • Remember that you are setting the atmosphere without setting limits.
  • Often we need to get out of our own heads in order to truly get into our heads, access a vivid inner dialogue, and become better aware of the process.
  • Through collaborative interactions we can literally gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, growing as artists both collectively and individually.

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